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Dr. Cuasay (pronounced KWAH-sigh) joined Commonwealth Psychological Associates, PLC in 2007 as a clinical neuropsychologist who specializes in neuropsychological evaluations primarily for children, adolescents and college-aged individuals with developmental processing, learning and/or psychological issues. She works with a wide range of patients, including those with attention problems, learning disabilities, developmental delays (specializing in autism spectrum disorders), sensory processing disorders and psychological conditions, such as anxiety and mood disorders.

Dr. Cuasay provides comprehensive neuropsychological assessment of her patients' cognitive, academic, social, behavioral and emotional functioning. Approaching her patients as individuals with a unique set of processing and learning characteristics, she provides detailed written feedback to her patients, and/or their parents, using readily-understandable terminology. She strives to help patients understand that the findings they achieve during treatment will impact life experience and behavior. She provides specific recommendations to accentuate a patient's strengths and minimize any limitations.

Dr. Cuasay earned her doctorate in clinical psychology from Gallaudet University, the only four-year university for deaf and hard of hearing in the United States, giving her unique training in assessing patients with disabling conditions, understanding contributions of multiple factors to her patients' development, and attending to cultural factors that impact her patients' behavior and world view.

Dr. Cuasay completed her internship in pediatric clinical psychology at the University of Florida Health Sciences Center, then completed a post-doctoral fellowship in pediatric clinical psychology at Emory University School of Medicine in Atlanta, GA.

Though of normal hearing herself, Dr. Cuasay is proficient in American Sign Language.